The Coaching Renaissance And Pricing Yourself on LinkedIn

These days everyone needs a coach

Why you should offer coaching in your business

As part of my LinkedIn Prospecting Academy, I’ve been coaching a small cohort of entrepreneurs and sales professionals, helping them to turn their LinkedIn profiles into sales channels. 

I’ve got hours of great videos showing them every step of the way. I’ve got examples and case studies.  But do you know the number one thing they enjoy? 

I’ve also taken four online courses this year, and the one I got the least out of had the least amount of individual coaching. The others have helped me grow my business exponentially.

I believe any business can offer to coach. Most businesses SHOULD offer to coach. Whether it’s in the form of product support, onboarding, or more traditional guidance and advice, coaching is a MASSIVE value add to what you offer. 

And it’s a great way to charge more, help your clients get better results, and therefore increase your chances of positive word of mouth

It’s 100% win-win.

This tweet explains the rationale very well.

To position yourself as a coach, you have to be seen as a thought leader in your field. The way to do that is through content, through sharing advice people can action immediately, and through always seeking to help.

All the hallmarks of a great sales channel for coaches.

LinkedIn has all the hallmarks of a great channel for your thought leadership brand:

  • Over 600 million professionals discussing work and productivity. 
  • A captive audience of followers.
  • The ability to reach out directly to anyone that connects with you.
  • The ability to interact with anyone else’s posts, even if they’re not connected to you. 

How do you apply this to LinkedIn?

All you need is a game plan to use the platform effectively. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our massively popular playbook. In it, I’ve laid out the exact steps to follow to promote your coaching business on LinkedIn. There are five pillars to the Authentic Prospecting Approach we use for Leadstream private clients.

  1. Your Profile – learn how to optimize your profile as a sales page instead of an online resume.
  2. Your Presence – learn how to position yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn and play the game according to the rules of the LinkedIn algorithm.
  3. Your Messages – learn how to craft a set of at least nine touchpoints to create awareness and stimulate conversation with your prospects.
  4. Your Targeting – learn how to identify your ideal buyer and reliably find them at scale on LinkedIn.
  5. Your Execution – learn how to set a daily routine that you can easily outsource to a virtual assistant to allow you time to focus on closing sales opportunities.
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Create your own LinkedIn sales machine

Learn the 5 phases for consistent leads that we use for all Leadstream private clients!

These days everyone needs a coach
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