LinkedIn’s New Algorithm and How It Affects You

LinkedIn's new algorithm is all about “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”

This post is about how you can increase your presence on LinkedIn by understanding LinkedIn’s new algorithm.

LinkedIn recently updated their algorithm for the LinkedIn feed and I want to break down what this means and how you can use these changes to grow your presence.

What Has Changed in LinkedIn’s New Algorithm?

The way posts are ranked in the newsfeed and how they personalize individual newsfeeds has changed.

The change was put in place to address a problem they started noticing – people were not seeing posts from people they cared about, and the creators of those posts were not receiving engagement.

Instead the top 1% of creators (think Bill Gates and Richard Branson for example) were getting all the attention.

And what’s 1 extra like to Bill and Richard?

So the engineers at LinkedIn made some changes based on a saying they have:

“People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”

They have doubled down on the belief that people need the help of their professional communities to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

In doing so, they’ve made sure that you see posts from people you’re connected to or follow, or if a connection liked, commented or shared someone else’s post.

Additionally, you’ll see more posts from groups you’ve joined, hashtags that you follow, and events you’re attending.

So how do you stand out to more prospects on LinkedIn?

Let’s break this down by looking at their mission statement section-by-section.

  1. People You Know…

    1. LinkedIn will prioritize your posts for people you’ve interacted with directly.

    2. So connect with as many people that fit your ideal buyer persona as possible.

    3. Engage with them by offering them value – the more you interact, the more likely they are to see your future content.

  2. …Talking About… 

    1. LinkedIn will prioritize posts with good engagement.

    2. Encourage conversations in your posts by asking open-ended questions or expressing opinions.

    3. Respond to all comments to keep the conversation going.

    4. Use @mentions to pull other people you know into a conversation but be thoughtful: only mention people that you think are likely to respond (max five is a good rule of thumb).

  3. … Things You Care About.

    1. You need more than participants for a good conversation; you need relevant and interesting content.

    2. Go niche over broad – LinkedIn knows that members are more interested in going deep on topics they’re interested in, rather than broad.

    3. Use specific hashtags (they recommend no more than 3) to help LinkedIn match your posts with people interested in the topic.

One more interesting point from the recent release – LinkedIn dispelled all rumors that the type of content matters. They have video, images, multi-images, text and long-form articles with “more are on the way.” So feel free to experiment to find a format that works best for you!

Above all, be yourself.

LinkedIn spends a great deal of time and money rooting out fake accounts.

Be authentic, and the algorithm will reward you with more exposure to the people who may end up buying from you.

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LinkedIn's new algorithm is all about “People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.”
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