How To Create A LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out To Your Prospects

Most people view LinkedIn as a B2B networking platform. I view LinkedIn as the ultimate tool to present myself as a market leader in my field.

Let’s face it, your LinkedIn profile is the first impression you make with a prospective buyer. And if your profile is dull and boring, you will not get any attention.

Let’s look at how to stand out on LinkedIn.

How To Stand Out On LinkedIn

In a previous post, we introduced John, who used the advanced LinkedIn search features, and Sales Navigator to create a list of prospective clients who would be interesting in buying his Martech solution.

Well, John needs some LinkedIn profile tips to appear as a market leader in the Martech Industry. This guide includes the best practices and proven methods that John used to transform his LinkedIn profile from an average user to a Market Leader.

Why a Linkedin Profile Makeover?

Your profile can make or break your personal brand. If your prospective buyer doesn’t see you as “The Expert”, boom! You will not be able to get that sale.

So, it’s time for a little clarification.

LinkedIn Profile makeover doesn’t mean that you just list all your accomplishments and accolades. No, it means that you have to uniquely position your profile in such a way that the prospective buyer perceives you as an expert in the field.

How To Create A Great Linkedin Profile

When John started as a beginner, here is how his profile looked. This is definitely not the profile of an expert.

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So he started making some changes. Here is the list of changes he made to his original profile

  1. He added a recent professional headshot with a smile that sends positive vibes to his prospects.

  2. He added a branded background image banner to clearly communicate his line of expertise. Recommended pixel dimensions for LinkedIn background image banners are 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels.

  3. He created a compelling headline to attract buyers by explaining how he helps his customers.

  4. He added an About section from the client’s perspective – the ways he can help prospective clients solve their problems and reach their desired goals through his solutions.

  5. Finally, he added details about his professional and educational achievements.

Bonus tip: do some keyword research to find out what your buyers are using to search for services like yours. Then make sure your profile is packed with these keywords.

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With all these changes, LinkedIn recognized him as an advanced user and gave him the badge of All-star User. The LinkedIn algorithm will also favor his profile while displaying results for the optimized search keywords.

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The final result is a massive improvement that speaks directly to his buyers.

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Stand Out To Your Prospects


The foundation stone of this mantra is “Be Found” and to do this you have to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Stop viewing your LinkedIn profile as just another social media profile, view it as a sales asset, and keep working on it to start seeing results.

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Create your own LinkedIn sales machine

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