We recommend having at least five emails ready to send as soon as you receive a lead from us. Think of the overall conversation you want to have with your prospects and then use time to your advantage by spacing out your communication over a few weeks, with more regular follow-ups initially. We highly recommend including a link in your emails to allow your lead to book a convenient time to speak with you (using a tool such as Calendly).

Consider this outline for an overall sales conversation:

  1. Hi, great chatting on LinkedIn, here’s some information. When can we talk?
  2. Hi, here’s some more information. Contact me!
  3. Hi, if you reply now you can get it cheaper/get a special offer, but this offer may not last!
  4. I’m really putting effort into helping you here. Contact me.
  5. Ok, you’re probably not interested, so I’ll stop wasting both our time. This is what we’re doing for customers now, so you would be losing out, I’m afraid. Goodbye.

The first two emails bridge the conversation from LinkedIn, provide a bit more information, and provide a way to get on the phone. The second email is your chance to go into more detail – both on your understanding of your prospect’s business, as well as how you can help them.

The 3rd email introduces a sense of urgency which can often spur your prospect into action.

The 4th, especially when done with a bit of humor, can demonstrate that you are determined to help your prospect while also providing a chance to showcase your personality a little more.

The last one, sometimes known as the break-up email, utilizes the principle of loss aversion, which states that people strongly prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains. Think about it – will losing $1,000 make you feel more miserable than winning $1,000 will make you happy?

Consider how you can use this framework to craft your email sequence, and seriously consider using email automation software to quickly customize these templates and schedule the sequence to send until you receive a positive response.


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