The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right Prospects On Linkedin in 2019

How Do I Find The Right People On LinkedIn To Connect With For My Business?

Success for business owners is always achieved by means of networking and positive word of mouth. With more than 645 Million users worldwide, LinkedIn is all about building networks and creating valuable connections.

This article is designed to enable you to find laser-focused, highly qualified prospects on LinkedIn, without even spending a dime on ads!

More specifically, this article is an in-action guide where our protagonist Mr. John Greesham will use LinkedIn’s advanced people search functionality and Sales Navigator tools to reach his target audience.

So, let’s start!

Meet John Greesham

John is an entrepreneur recently launched a new productivity software for marketing teams that is easy to use and offers real-time performance metrics. Initially, he wants to target VPs of Marketing of management consulting companies based in the greater New York City Area.

This is not a big issue for him, as he can use the freely available LinkedIn Advanced People Search Function to find his target audience.

What is the LinkedIn Advanced People Search Function?

This handy tool enables you to apply different search protocols to find the LinkedIn users that you want to connect with.

In strictly B2B terms, this search functionality is the best way to ensure you are connecting to the business prospects who will actually make a difference and move the needle forward in your business.

Advanced Filters 

There are plenty of filters available in the advanced people search tool to define your target user pool.

Connections (1st, 2nd, 3rd) – most all your searches will be 2nd & 3rd connections.

  • First Name, Last Name, Company, School

  • Title

  • Locations

  • Current Companies (by name)

  • Past Companies (by name)

  • Industries

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, you’ll want to apply as many filters of the Advanced Search feature as possible.

How Do You Use The Advanced Search Features?

John wanted to connect with people that are reachable through his established network, so he selected the 2nd-degree connections. He chooses the Greater New York City Area in the location filter, and Management Consulting in the industry filter.

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He found 929 users based on his applied search filters, allowing him to connect with people that match his ideal client base at scale.

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After creating a targeted list of prospects, he can send them a concise, personalized connection request, and initiate a conversation by showing interest in their business.

After a year or so, his business is on the right track, and he is getting a positive response from his current clients. So, he decided it’s time to expand his outreach process and client base. Now, he wants to target the VPs of Marketing of national companies with more than 250 employees. Furthermore, he wants to focus on VPs that are highly interested in adopting martech solutions that can help them increase their productivity.

To access the additional filters needed to perform this search as well as LinkedIn’s advanced features, he can sign up for a LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator account.

Advanced Filters Included In The Sales Navigator Tool

Sales Navigator tool comes with a free 30-day trial period. You can continue to use these features at $79.99/month. This is definitely a significant investment, but when you consider the more precise search filters and the CRM functionality that it comes with, it can be well worth it for your business, especially if you combine this with a system that works like a flywheel.

The advanced filters available in the Sales Navigator tools are:

Company Size – This gives you the ability to search for small business owners, to large multinational corporations, and is an excellent proxy for company revenue.

  • Function – This allows you to search by what function or role your prospect plays in their job

  • Interested In – Not like Facebook interests, here you can find prospects looking for contractors.

  • Seniority Level – Search for CEOs, interns, and everything in between.

  • Years of Experience – search by how much experience people have in a certain position or business.

  • Groups – You can target prospects based on specific LinkedIn groups they are a member of.

  • Keywords – Use the keyword search to narrow down your prospect list to people posting about the same things you are interested in talking to them about.

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Through LinkedIn sales navigator, he has access to over 3000 users who can make a difference and move the needle forward in his business.

Find The Right People At The Right Time

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build your professional network and create valuable relationships. These relationships might help you to scale your business to the next level. However, this all starts with identifying and connecting with the right people. Through advanced people search and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find people that share the same persona as your ideal client avatar.

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