The #1 reason to be persistent in your prospecting

Here’s a quick thought experiment to prove once and for all why persistence pays off.

If you’re not getting any responses after multiple outreach attempts, that means no one is interested in your offer right?

Nope, you know that’s not true.

But if you don’t feel this in your bones yet, consider this thought experiment.

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Take all the people in your network and in your prospect list that you want to connect with.

Now remove everyone who is heads down in the middle of a project right now.

Then remove everyone without an approved budget to make investments right now.

Then remove anyone on extended leaves of absence or vacation.

Then remove those that just finished paying someone else to do what you do (but who you know will be coming back to you in the future to fix it 😁).

You’re left with a much smaller pool of people!

Suddenly a 10% response rate doesn’t look so bad. That could even be a 50%+ response rate if you could accurately calculate the viable pool of buyers at any given time.

And the best part?

All the ways prospects eliminate themselves are subject to change!

Time. Budget. Absence. Already working with someone else. All these things change.

You have to be persistent.

Play the long game, while everyone else plays the wrong game.

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